Wendy Castleman is the owner of Developeople UX, llc, which is devoted to helping design leaders create meaningful and enduring change through empathy, curiosity and curiosity.  She uses her real-world experience in leading innovation transformations and building strategic capabilities to elevate others. 


I am passionate about helping people change the world. I believe that it is almost impossible to create any transformative change alone, but that the secret to creating change is to ignite others to lead the change with you.

I've spent my over two decades creating the future in a career particularly focused on research and design thinking. I started Developeople UX in August 2017 after spending 10 years as one of the leaders of the Design for Delight program at Intuit. After those years at Intuit, I wanted to ignite other catalysts in the world.


I've taught thousands of people how to use Design Thinking and Design Research in their work, and trained hundreds of people to facilitate and coach design thinking activities. I've helped individuals improve their lives and careers. I've helped teams get outstanding outcomes. I've helped organizations transform themselves. 

At the center of everything that I do is the core belief that YOU can take control and get the outcomes you want. I'm just here to use my experience to help you.


I help you take the actions that get you the impact you are seeking.


Are you trying to lead an change in your design organization to become more design-led, customer-centric, and innovative?  I can help you assess your organization and create a plan for how you can create and scale human-centered transformation throughout it. 

Team Facilitation & Coaching

Your team has some great challenges, and we can help you all get aligned, understand the opportunities and options, and get your team unstuck. Our trained MasterCatalysts® will facilitate your team or organization through critical challenges. This coaching can be done in person or remotely, over a short time or a long-term. Let's come up with a plan that will accelerate the impact of the whole team! Book a free consultation for us to explore options.

Catalyst Facilitation Trainings

If you are trying to create a change within an organization, you need to get people in your organization to be skilled advocates and facilitators towards the change you want to have happen. If you have a team of people within your organization that want to empower and hone their  facilitation skills, I can create a training class with you to help your organization transform through a network of catalysts. I have taught thousands of people how to become catalysts, to spread mindsets, skills and actions throughout organizations.  Today, I offer this to you. Let's design some bespoke training based on the needs of your team, whether they are just getting started or are highly experienced.  I also have a standardized MasterCatalyst® curriculum that we can adapt to your needs. Schedule a consultation today!

Bespoke Training

Let's work together to craft a unique training for your unique needs. I'll bring my 20+ years of leadership, design research, teaching and Design Thinking to the table. You bring your organizational culture and needs. Set up a consultation to discuss options.

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