• Wendy Castleman

Defining Vision, Mission, Strategy & Tactics

I often hear the following terms used interchangeably: Vision - Mission - Strategy - Tactics

However, they are quite different from one another, and it is important to define them separately.


The alternate future you are striving towards; your destination

  • Example: a thousand songs in your pocket (this was the Apple vision for the iPod)

  • Example: UX Researchers are among the most sought-after, most valued employees in a company. UX Researchers regularly found in Chief Research Officer (CRO) roles, guiding company strategy.


Your purpose; The direction you need to head in to attain the vision


What you are going to do to deliver on your mission and work towards your vision.

  • Example:Set aside the mobile payments platform while focusing on the web payments platform (Possibly the early strategy based on an early pivot in PayPal)

  • Example: Raise awareness and appreciation of UX research AND Increase the skills and mindsets of UX researchers


How you will act on your strategy; What actions you will take.

  • Example: Teach a class on being strategic to UX researchers

  • Example: Coach UX researchers

  • Example: Teach a class in how to lead Empathy Safaris

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