• Wendy Castleman

Experimentation with a Startup

So, this is me.

I am about 6 weeks into my adventure as a startup coaching business. I've done some coaching, some teaching, and a whole lot of learning. One of my learnings has to do with the vast tools that are available and how they work (or don't work) together. For example, there's this website. I just added the ability to have someone add themselves to the mailing list. It says "Subscribe to the Website" in some places on the back end, and I'm wildly curious about when it sends anything, or if it does. I don't want people to get spammed when I change my site (which I do a lot), but I do want to collect contacts that I can send an occasional newsletter to. Did I pick the wrong choice? Let's find out. Entering this blog, then making a tweak to the site. Let's see what it sends me (currently the only subscriber). I LIKE the idea of everything being here, but not if it is going to suck for my customers and people who are interested in my business.

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