• Wendy Castleman

Powerful Play

Play is good for you. It relieves stress, sparks creativity and releases endorphins. Play is highly underrated in work environments, where group play can bind teams and motivate actions, resulting in higher engagement and commitment and improving communication. But what is play, really? As children, we all play naturally and spontaneously. We make believe. We try things out. We giggle and laugh, even when things fail. As adults, we may play with our kids, play games (sports, board games or online games), or participate in hobbies (artistic, athletic, or otherwise). We consider play as something in contrast to work, which is the serious activity we all take responsibility for and expect to get a return from our investment (whether or not it is financial). Some businesses give a nod to our desire for play by providing fooseball games in our breakrooms or doing play-oriented offsites. But, once you are “done” playing, it’s “back to work!” Businesses are beginning to realize that they need more creativity and innovation from their employees in order to survive and compete in our VUCA world. But, they generally haven’t made the connection between play and working creatively, despite increasing evidence that they are intertwined. So, in an effort to learn more about play and the power of play at work and home, I’m declaring February a month of play. 28 days to experience and observe play in action, to learn about play, to gather examples and to have fun along the way. Join me on this adventure. Sign up for our “scavenger hunt” of play, each day receiving a prompt for an act or observation related to play or playing. Share your experiences and win prizes!

Sign up now! https://mailchi.mp/fafd6fb1c0b1/powerful-month-of-play

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