• Wendy Castleman

Sketchstorming for Alignment and Ideation

In June, I taught a course at UXPA on Sketchstorming for Alignment and Ideation. The class was focused on UX professionals who might work with a diverse set of stakeholders who

need to be a part of the process of coming up with ideas or who need to agree on what it is that they decided on. Sketchstorming is a tool that uses simple drawing to foster communication and creativity.

Although I'd used drawing in brainstorming sessions for years, my former colleague Grace Pariante taught me a structured method for using drawing in ideation - a method she called "Sketchstorming". We created a method card for the method while at Intuit, and taught it to the Intuit Innovation Catalysts and others. It was an incredibly rich method that forced listening and building on other people's ideas.

Over the years, I modified the method for when I was trying to get a team aligned around something. I'd noticed that sometimes two people described something the same way, but often had something quite different in mind. Using sketchstorming to get aligned worked well, particularly when applied using good facilitation practices.

The class covered some basic sketching instructions, how to sketchstorm for alignment and how to sketchstorm for ideation. I created some materials for planning and facilitating sketchstorming methods (find them on the Tools page).

I'm totally willing to teach this method to you. Please reach out!

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