• Wendy Castleman

Taking Time To Adjust

This sign once hung in a train station in England. A reminder to take a moment in the transition between things to reset and get ready.

When I was back in my corporate life, I used to stack meetings back-to-back all day long, often switching contexts 7-10 times a day. It is incredibly difficult for your brain to switch contexts, and it really doesn't bring your clearest thinking. I'd go on a great vacation, then be back full steam immediately, almost wiping out any benefits of the relaxing time within a day.

I met with a former mentee and friend for lunch the other day in San Francisco. She, too, was remarking at how relentless things seemed and how she struggled to hold on to the sense of peace that she'd returned from vacation with.

I don't want to make that mistake again in my new life.

I’m back from my family vacation, but not yet back to working at full speed. Let’s call the next couple of weeks my adjustment period to transition back to my work focus. In this time, I may take some calls and teach a couple of workshop courses. I’m also going to sleep in, go for some runs, catch a couple of movies and drink some wine. Priorities! I hope to be at full speed by the beginning of September... adjusted.

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