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Meet Wendy Castleman


I founded DevelopeopleUX to help design executives take full advantage of their influence to quickly and confidently lead organizational design culture transformation.


I do this by partnering on a strategy and then helping identify and pull key levers to bring about shifts and gain momentum. It shows up in many ways, including research, coaching, consulting, facilitating and teaching.

I have unique skills and experience that help accomplish this:

  • 25+ years’ experience in experience design, research, strategy, design, and leadership

  • 15+ years teaching facilitative leadership and design thinking in corporate and academic       environments

  • Certified Quantum Coaching and MasterCatalyst® certification

  • A decade of experience helping lead the Intuit Design for Delight transformation, including 5 years as the leader of the Intuit Innovation Catalyst Community

  • Extensive research on the mechanisms for creating meaningful and enduring change

  • PhD in cognitive and perceptual psychology from the University of Texas at Austin

“Change is a marathon, not a sprint.  I stay with projects long enough to ensure they’re moving toward success.”    

 – Wendy Castleman

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