Every organization is unique – with its own set of strengths, challenges, talents, and opportunities. Whatever your goals are within your design organization, we can help articulate what’s working, what’s missing, what needs to happen, and how we’ll get there.


Increase your team's influence

Within any team, you have design leads who are highly visible and connected. When these people embrace new mindsets and behaviors, the change spreads to others. We can work with these individuals to help them grow as leaders and influencers within your organization, to help bring about the shift you seek.


A team of strong leaders can help foster an environment where teams feel supported, learn from each other, and put themselves out there, with a sense of design maturity.



Shift the mindset of your design team

You have a strong design-led, customer-centered organization, and now you need to expand these mindsets beyond the function of design. Consider transforming your UX team from practitioners to facilitative MasterCatalyst® leaders.


Design facilitation — it’s the secret sauce to releasing the power of shared understanding. It’s about aligning people so they can see the big picture and achieve a shared goal. It can also help your team become more customer-centric and avoid design by committee.

As a successful leader, a UX designer brings together a diverse range of people to solve problems and make a greater impact. We can pull together a custom program of training, coaching, and mentoring — tailored to your needs and vision— that will transform and empower your entire team.



Build skill sets and change mindsets

Want to ignite interest in your change? This could be the way to kick it off. We have years of experience crafting talks, leading workshops, and developing and leading immersive learning experiences for organizations.

Although inspiring and fun, these are often more impactful within a larger program to help reinforce behaviors. For example, a one-time design thinking workshop is unlikely to drive sustaining change, but it can serve as a useful tool to encourage and accelerate collaboration.



Here’s our approach to transformation


We’ll consult with you and your executives to understand your organization, pinpoint growth opportunities, and diagnose challenges and leverage points.


Together, we’ll craft a vision and strategy for lasting, meaningful change and impact.


We’ll build a plan and bring it to life, to shift the environment and cascade the change.


We’ll work with your team, serving multiple roles — as coach, facilitator, and teacher — to ensure we’re moving toward success.