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Transforming a 300-member design team from a “reactive service agency” to “strategic partners”

1-year engagement with a financial services company


  • First shifted the mindset of the designers to get them customer-focused and boost confidence

  • Designers gained influence with their product and engineering partners—and significantly raised the bar on the quality of the experiences they designed

  • Key team members greatly improved their executive presence and facilitative leadership skills

  • The result: A more mature, influential UX organization 

How we got there

  • Hosted facilitated leadership off sites to ground the senior leadership team in a shared vision for the organization 

  • Conducted an internal research and assessment to determine the importance of various levers for change in the organization 

  • Coached and mentored key employees to be fast-tracked into leadership positions 

  • Developed and led Facilitative Design Leadership trainings, which we ultimately rolled out to the entire UX organization 

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